Contact email: nilo.sarraf@gmail.com

The ground work of developing and fine tuning the methodologies offered by UXNeuroLabs started back in 2005 at Stanford University by Dr. Niloufar Sarraf. It took years of research experience in the academia and in the tech industry to create and develop the offered cohesive holistic integrated research methods. The company was officially founded on March 3, 2017.

Connecting and integrating the disciplines of neuroscience, technology, and cognitive psychology, Dr. Niloufar Sarraf positioned her doctoral dissertation within the emerging field of Nuero Information Science. In this body of work, she mapped the neurological dimensions of information search within the human brain. After completing her PhD, she published her first book as an attempt to ‘humanize’ neuroscience for the non-traditional neuroscience industries. While working on her next book, Niloufar is pursuing her long time dream of building virtual research practices/labs to help merge neuroscience within the non-traditional neuroscience industries, such as entertainment, media, marketing, mindfulness, etc.

Moreover, Niloufar loves spreading her passion for neuroscience to the masses, as she is quite active creating YouTube videos, building Udemy courses, giving talks at conferences, writing books, etc.

“The Advances of Wearable EEG Neuroheadsets in the Tech and Business Industries” (available on Amazon Kindle).

Contact email: nilo.sarraf@gmail.com